My Wolfpack

Sarah Thomas, founder of The Black Marketplace, has worn many hats in her professional life; lead makeup artist, bartender, marketing coordinator, and nurse aid to name a few. Sarah is a customer service specialist, and has developed a knack for reading her audience. Her personal history in businesses requiring that she wear all black is what sparked the idea for The Black Marketplace to begin with. Her passion to be successful while making an impact is what drives the force of The Black Marketplace.
In 2011, a stressed out single mother, Sarah, was frantically scouring the sale rack of the department store for something black to replace her ripped sweater before her shift began at a local bar. Of course, it was spring, and she was surrounded by pastels and bright colors. This was the beginning of The Black Marketplace, a website that sells only black, all the time.
Sarah's wolfpack is her two children, Syrus and Ayden, and her husband Adam.